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Understanding Clutter And Getting Rid Of It

Are you surrounded by clutter? Is it affecting you inside and out? Do you ask yourself “why does our house look this way?

Clutter is like an addiction. You wanted to end it but you don’t know how. You want to get rid of it but it just keeps on coming back.

Clutter is an emotional thing. Most people start to accumulate things when they are sad, feel sick or go through some difficult time.

It gets to us when we are too busy to notice it. When we are too happy or we want to feel good. Everything boils down to having low self-esteem.

Poor self esteem has many symptoms. The clutter in the mind results in physical clutter. Most of it is caused by poor thinking, pressure or doubt in oneself. We feel inferior and unworthy. When you have these in your mind, you pour your energy into acquiring material things.

Below are the reasons why most people are living with clutter:

1. The world has been teaching us that our worth is based on how much our possession is. The more we acquire, the higher our worth become.

2. When we are at our lowest moment, we feel incapable. We don’t have a sense of worth. We feel unloved and that’s where hoarding comes in. The material things replace the emptiness in our hearts.

Social media, billboards and television advertisements instill in our minds that spending and shopping can fill the gap in our lives.

We get so used to what we have and the life that we live that the word change makes us feel uneasy. The world of the unknown can make us feel uncomfortable.

The reasons above are what stops us from living the life we deserve.

Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy that can help you deal with clutter. It helps you deal not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside.

For more information about Feng Shui and the energies in your space, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com or my YouTube channel, Cathi Hargaden for my videos and webinars.







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