The Room Size And Energy In Your Home And Feng Shui

A cluttered small and cramped room in Hong Kong.


The Energy In Your Room And Feng Shui

Are you living in a cramped room? Repeated mantras that there is “no more space” to develop other communities in the world especially in relation to the U.K. with a population approaching 70 million. Increasingly, more and more people are being shunted into smaller rooms. That could be because people are having smaller families. But that is not true for everyone.

The multicultural landscape hosts a variety of different kinds of families whether it is extended or beyond the nuclear into extended demand for homes.

It wasn’t until I started working all over the U.K that I realised there was plenty of space, but it was in the hands of the few. Out in the countryside, there are reams of land where most people in the inner city have never been.

In fact both in personal and professional experiences I had realised that there are zones throughout the U.K. where people dare not go beyond their zone. They stay within their own cultural-geographical area and if they dare to enter other environments, there is a behavior that resists something that is different, resistant to the norm or just threatening – not because it is violent but because it threatens the values and mores of people from the outside.

Amidst some of the major conurbations of the world, we see people forced in like cattle into tiny rooms of living whilst on the outside of the city, huge tracts of land for a very small population. People living in the countryside have better and bigger rooms.

Below we see homes in Hong Kong. People living one room the size of some people’s bathrooms.


The same situation in the U.K. – same situation in the major metropolises across the world. The people who own the land vast drafts of it have lots of space.

Feng Shui was a secretive form of controlling the landscape ultimately for power, success and wealth. Whether people are aware of it or not, land, property, common spaces are used to gerrymander all populations into thinking and acting a certain way.

Feng Shui is about capturing the energies in and around you to support you and capitalise on the best of where you live. Your room space can be your tool in your journey to success. The more control you take of the little space you have control over, the better for your own wellbeing.

Learn how to be in control of your own home. Bring the good chi in your room space.

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