Create A Good Feng Shui Office In 4 Easy Steps

Clean table, plant and good lighting are components of a good Feng Shui office.

4 Tips For A Good Feng Shui Office

Do you know that having a good Feng Shui office is essential for a successful career? Feng Shui is an ancient practice that teaches us how to create harmony and balance by using the energies in our space.

The placement of things in our workplace can either distract us or help us reach our goals. A good Feng Shui office brings clarity, lessens stress and create good relationships in the workplace. It enhances our creativity, productivity and focus. It also allows us to get rid of all the negative energies.

Using the five elements when designing your workspace enables us to have a good Feng Shui office. A good example would be using a metallic door, indoor plants, a nice aquarium with Feng Shui fishes on it and wooden objects.

Design a good Feng Shui office with the simple tips below:

1 Remove all the unnecessary things away from the office. Files should be segregated and organized. Broken or non functioning things such as calculators and clocks should be either fixed or thrown away.

Part of decluttering is to remove the dust on the shelves and the floor and throw away the garbage every after office hours. Clutter badly affects us in and out while being in an organized space calms and relaxes us.

2. Be careful with the position of your table and your things. Inspiring pictures, paintings and objects that motivates you to do better. It gives you a light and happy feeling. Display photos of the people you love and objects that will make you remember your goals.

Remember that your desk should not be in line with the door. Put it in a location where you can see who enters the office. Don’t put the table too close to the window as this will distract you from doing your work.

3. Don’t forget to bring live energy by adding indoor plants in your workspace. The fresh air that they give is good for our health. Aside from giving us good health, some plants are considered to bring good luck. Such is the case of the bamboo.

4. Paint your office with relaxing colors such as yellow, beige and other light colors. If you want to use some black, make sure that it’s minimal.

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