Feng Shui Tips For Things To Avoid In Your Home

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Piles of paper on the table are not advised to be in your home.


Feng Shui Tips For Things To Avoid In Your Home

Does your home have a free flow of energy?


Feng Shui is about creating a flow of energy in your space. Your home is your shelter. It should be a place where you can recover from stress and anxiety. Your home should make you feel calm and happy. For you to experience these, your place should have a Zen look and feel.

The practice of Feng Shui is connected with mindfulness. It is about taking a pause in our busy lives and living in the moment. It is about experiencing the “now.”

The energies in our home affect our inner and outer world. When our space has a free flow of energy, we feel better in and out.

But how can we have it? How can we create an environment that will help us keep our balance? What are the things that need to be get rid of?

Below are the Feng Shui tips for things to avoid in your home:

1. Avoid putting things near your door. The doors in your home play an important role in Feng Shui. They are called “the mouth of chi.” It is where the energies get’s inside your home. The door represents you. When it can hardly be opened, it means that opportunities cannot come in.

2. Do not keep a dirty window. The windows in your home are “the eyes of chi.” When it is dirty, we can’t see what is happening around us.

3. Don’t hang depressing artworks in your home. This upsets the harmony in your space. Choose uplifting or inspirational works of art instead.

4. Piles of papers and magazines are considered as clutter. Get rid of them or recycle them.

5. Dead flowers or plants are stagnant energy. Take care of your indoor plants and use fresh flowers for they are live energy. They bring vibrancy to your home. If you use plastic flowers, make sure they are dusted regularly.

6. Broken things are bad Feng Shui. If you can’t fix it then throw it away. They bring negative energy into your life.

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