5 Easy Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Spring picture reminding a time for spring cleaning.
Spring Cleaning Tips For You

Are you planning a spring cleaning activity? Spring is the season of rebirth. It’s the time for renewal. It’s a good reason to make your heart’s desires come true. In order to make your dreams come true, you need to clear the energies in your space.


In Feng Shui, the things around you can affect your energy. But with just a few simple tips, you can bring back the energy and life that you used to have this spring.

If you had less energy and too lazy for the past few months, then now is the time to wake up from hibernation because it’s time for you to do the spring cleaning.

Try these easy spring cleaning steps below and bring live energy in your space.

1. Declutter your space. It’s time to throw or give the things that are broken, expired or you don’t want to use.

If you wish to improve your health, clean your kitchen. Get rid of leftovers and stale food in your refrigerator. Scrub your stove and wash your pots and pans. Clean all the surfaces and drawers. Get rid of all the broken or cracked things in your cooking area such as mugs and plates.

2. Throw away or give away old newspapers, magazines, broken clocks, watches and if you have kids, you can give away some of their unused toys.

3. Most of us own a lot of clothes and a number of them end up in our closet still with labels. One way of attracting good relationship is clearing your closet. There should be enough space for your partner. This gives a better flow of energy into your personal space.

4. Take care of your bathroom. Free your space from make ups and personal things that you haven’t used for 6 months and more. Scrub the floors, toilet bowl and lavatory. A dirty and clogged toilet is stuck energy. Add live energy into the space with live plants.

5. Clean your bedroom thoroughly. Change the sheets and remove the things that don’t belong in your personal space. Gadgets should be outside of the bedroom as they can disrupt your sleep and lessen your time with your partner.

Spring cleaning is not complete without live plants, light colored decorations and fresh flowers. A few pots inside your home, light colored decorations such as curtains and pillowcases and fresh flowers will change the vibration in your home.

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