Feng Shui Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Money plants are considered as one of the many Feng Shui Myths.


Feng Shui Myths That You Need To Avoid In Your Life

What Feng Shui myths have you heard that you find strange?


Feng Shui is getting more popular these days and it is also infested with a lot of nonsense ideas. These Feng Shui myths are a common practice and you just have to stop believing it because it’s not helping you in creating balance in your life.

Below are the common Feng Shui myths misconception that you should avoid:

1. Red door brings luck. The colors in Feng Shui depends on a lot of factors. You should put into consideration the direction of your door. The color red enhances the energy that is present in the area. However, do not paint the door red without consulting a Feng Shui expert.

2.  Moving your furniture to change your life. Rearranging the things in your place will refresh the flow of energy in your space. However, getting your dream job or bringing luck into your life by moving your things is not true.

3. Money plants bring luck in your home. The truth is that live, vibrant and healthy plants no matter what variety it is gives you a lot of good energy. It is the health and the vibrancy of the plants that gives your space plenty of good energy.

4.  Clocks are bad Feng Shui. Clocks represent the passage of time. It goes so fast and it never comes back. Putting the clock in the bedroom is not advisable. However putting them in other parts of the house is okay.

5. Using the bagua as a home decoration. A lot of people practice this Feng Shui myth. A bagua mirror is meant to be put outside of the house never on the inside.

6. Putting your stove in the wrong direction is bad Feng Shui. The most important thing in Feng Shui is to have a clean and organized kitchen. This will motivate you to cook food that are healthier and encourages everybody to spend time together in the kitchen.

7. The bed should be placed in the right direction. Your bedroom is a place to foster good and intimate relationship.Television and gadgets should not be placed inside the bedroom. It takes away the quality time that you should spend with each other.

Always remember that Feng Shui is about balance. It’s creating a space that will make you happy and keeps you feel calm. Avoiding these Feng Shui myths will make your decorating better.

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