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Black picture frames on the white wall.


Most people find black as their all-time favourite colour.  In our society, black signifies modernity, sophistication and above all, power. It makes you feel and think that you are in control. The colour is connected with different emotions such as hatred and grief. It also symbolizes luxury.



In Feng Shui, the black colour is an energy that is related to the energy of mystery. It represents power. It belongs to the water element. It is the colour of the feminine principle that is the yin. It is known as the passive energy.

It is best to use the colour when you wish to gain or nurture things in your life. It gives you a sense of connection with everything that surrounds you. It sends a message of having the will to move forward.

However, too much of anything is not good. Feng Shui is about balance. Use the black colour along with the light colours to create balance in your space. It is best to combine it with colours yellow, whites and pastels.

Are you still wondering how to use the colour in your home?

Below are tips on how to use black in your space:

1. Black is a good choice if your door is facing the north. It will strengthen the energy of your home. It brings elegance and calmness. However, try to avoid using this colour if your door is facing South or West.

2. The colour black can bring vibrancy to your all-white kitchen. A black stove, floor tiles or even black chairs.

3. Black accessories can also be used in your home. A black vase, candle holder, jar or picture frames can be used to introduce the black colour in your space.

4. Black walls are okay if your home office is in the North section of your home. This colour belongs to the water element and water symbolizes wealth.

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