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Your Must Haves For A Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Do you have a good feng shui bedroom?

For how many years of my feng shui practice, I’ve noticed that in most houses, the bedroom is the most neglected part of the house.

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of our home. It’s our private space. It’s a place where we spend most of our time when we are at home.

Feng shui is not all about the energy of wealth. It’s about life-balance.A good feng shui bedroom is a place where we can relax and have a good sleep. It should look inviting. It should ignite the fire within us when it comes to love and give us a good sleep.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

Below are seven things that you should have in your bedroom.

1. The bed is the first thing that you should consider when it comes to your bedroom. It should have a solid headboard, good frame, and a good mattress.

2.  A good feng shui bedroom should have no stale air. Keep your air fresh by opening the windows and by using the power of scents. Essential oils are relaxing. They give a soothing relief from your tired body.

3. Use the power of two on each side of your bed. Things like nightstands and lamp shades. This means partnership and equality in your relationship.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Use the power of crystals in your bedroom. A good feng shui bedroom should give you a good sleep. Clear quartz, black tourmaline, jade, rose quartz, and amethyst are just a few examples of crystals that promote good sleep.

5. Can’t get rid of electronics? Cover them with fabric. This will keep the live energy from disrupting your sleep.

6. Use only full-size mattress. Some mattresses have split in the base that can affect your health. It also means separation in feng shui.

7. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body. Use gentle fabrics only on your bed.

8. Before going to bed put essential oils on your pulse. One good example is lavender. It calms your nervous system and provides a better quality of sleep.

De-clutter in 7 Easy Steps

Always remember the number one thing that you should do is to get rid of clutter. A cluttered place makes us restless. If it doesn’t belong to the bedroom, then keep them out of the bedroom.

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