Feng Shui Fish And Wealth

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Attract Wealth By Using Fish In Feng Shui

Fish has always been used in feng shui to attract wealth. It’s the symbol of abundance. It is one of the most popular symbols used in feng shui.

In Asian countries, having fish in the home is very popular. The Chinese pronunciation of fish (yu) is almost the same as abundance. Not only does it symbolize abundance but also long life, if it is well taken care of and it grows old. It also represents fidelity and unity as it swims in pairs.

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Here are the most popular kinds of fish that are being used in feng shui to attract wealth and abundance.

1. The Gold Fish in Asian mythology is said to be related to dragons. Dragons represent power and luck. This, in turn, makes the goldfish conducive to one’s success.

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2. The Arowana Fish is considered as the most famous and powerful feng shui fish when it comes to attracting wealth. It is one of the most expensive feng shui fish. They grow fast They are used to attract wealth and they are also being used to symbolize power and authority.

3. The Koi Fish is a common symbol in the Chinese culture. It can often be seen in artworks, tattoos, clothing and even in landscape design. The color of the koi fish also symbolizes the yin and yang. Apart from being believed to attract wealth, it is also synonymous with harmony and happiness.

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4. Flower Horns are believed to be able to attract good energy from the environment. Its black spots are said to attract wealth. It’s supposed to bring money luck and loads of business opportunities.

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