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Is Dubai a Feng Shui Nightmare? –

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A few trips to Dubai & Abu Dhabi with huge amounts of building cranes as the city’s profile prompted me to observe and consider how this whole desert area really could have been designed.

Hey I am no architect nor a designer but have visited so many cities across the world I have lost count.  With my Feng Shui training and experiences in assessing spaces and places I wondered if there had been any urban planning really gone into this whole area.

Dreams of the desert, Arabian Nights and exotic perfumes of Oud combined with the palm trees was something I had imagined.  This area of the globe had so much potential to capitalise on its desert roots, the architecture and its amazing focus on aroma but it seems as though someone gave a few people a load of money and they just threw up a whole load of malls, high risers and the tallest building in the world.

Yes we have the Jumeriah Tower with its floating patterns of palm trees but Feng Shui is about flow of energy and in the major city area we see nothing but blocked traffic and irate drivers.

However, a trip to Abu Dhabi appears to have a lot more space with some really spaced out buildings-at times it feels like you are in an out of space zone.  It almost feels like parts of the west have been just dropped down into an empty space other times there are amazing pieces like those in the video below.

Look around where you live or are visiting now – how are the buildings with their shapes, designs, colours, aromas making you feel?  Depressed, awe inspiring, secure, relaxed?  This is the power of what lies around us.  Straight lines follows a logical, one pointed mentality; curves, arches allow the eye to move in a flowing manner and creates a more yin response from the perceiver.

Find out how you feel when you see the above and comment below on what buildings mystify you?  To find out also how you can shift the energy of your own home contact me on

What Is Ayurveda?

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Getting To Know Ayurveda

Do you know what is Ayurveda? Have you heard the wonders that come with it?

Ayurveda has been in existence for thousands of years now. It’s one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful holistic healing system. It is a traditional science called Ayurvedic medicine. It is designed to bring back balance to the body so that it can heal itself.

Inside Out Feng Shui

This ancient teaching is based on the belief that our health and wellness depend on how balanced our mind, body, and spirit. The main goal of Ayurveda is to promote good health.

Ayurveda believes that we should live in harmony with nature in order to survive. It speaks about using nature to gain good mental, physical, and emotional health. In other words, overall health.

In Ayurveda, a person is made of five basic elements that can be found in the universe. It consists of the space, air, fire, earth, and water.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

When combined inside our body, it forms the three life forces or energies called the doshas. These three doshas are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Each one of us has a unique combination of these three doshas. But each of us has a different combination of doshas. It affects how we live like how we eat, sleep and exercise.

So you may ask, what is really Ayurveda? It is an approach that aligns with the infinite power of nature. It is about bringing balance, silence, and harmony to our physical, mental and emotional body.  It is about doing things by using nature and the energy of love rather than wasting our energy by chasing wealth, status and power.

To know more about Ayurveda and how it can help you, visit my website at

Create Your Feng Shui Bedroom

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Your Must Haves For A Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Do you have a good feng shui bedroom?

For how many years of my feng shui practice, I’ve noticed that in most houses, the bedroom is the most neglected part of the house.

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of our home. It’s our private space. It’s a place where we spend most of our time when we are at home.

Feng shui is not all about the energy of wealth. It’s about life-balance.A good feng shui bedroom is a place where we can relax and have a good sleep. It should look inviting. It should ignite the fire within us when it comes to love and give us a good sleep.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

Below are seven things that you should have in your bedroom.

1. The bed is the first thing that you should consider when it comes to your bedroom. It should have a solid headboard, good frame, and a good mattress.

2.  A good feng shui bedroom should have no stale air. Keep your air fresh by opening the windows and by using the power of scents. Essential oils are relaxing. They give a soothing relief from your tired body.

3. Use the power of two on each side of your bed. Things like nightstands and lamp shades. This means partnership and equality in your relationship.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Use the power of crystals in your bedroom. A good feng shui bedroom should give you a good sleep. Clear quartz, black tourmaline, jade, rose quartz, and amethyst are just a few examples of crystals that promote good sleep.

5. Can’t get rid of electronics? Cover them with fabric. This will keep the live energy from disrupting your sleep.

6. Use only full-size mattress. Some mattresses have split in the base that can affect your health. It also means separation in feng shui.

7. Our skin is the biggest organ of our body. Use gentle fabrics only on your bed.

8. Before going to bed put essential oils on your pulse. One good example is lavender. It calms your nervous system and provides a better quality of sleep.

De-clutter in 7 Easy Steps

Always remember the number one thing that you should do is to get rid of clutter. A cluttered place makes us restless. If it doesn’t belong to the bedroom, then keep them out of the bedroom.

To learn more about creating a good feng shui bedroom and how to create balance energy, kindly check my website at

Feng Shui Basics For Your Home

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Feng shui basics are the most important things when it comes to good energy flow in your home. These things will not only put energy balance in your space but also anchor your intentions in every situation you are in.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

Below are ten feng shui basic guide that you can do in your home.

1. The sound of wind chimes and bells are so powerful that they get the energy move in your place. They can easily bring life into your lifeless space by getting rid of unwanted energy.

2. A feng shui crystal brings more life than any other object you have. They attract the sparkle of the sun and bring it into your space. This is the best feng shui basics that you can easily do. Just hang the crystal in your window and they easily bring good vibrations in your space.

Seven Steps To Space Cleansing

3. The aspirin of feng shui which is called a mirror can easily bring light into your home. It can expand or reduce the negative energy in your space. It can also bring calm in any space by putting it in the right places.

4. The most common feng shui basics that you have in your home is the lighting. Good quality lighting can redirect the chi energy in your space. Lighting in our space should also have balance. It should be not too dim and not too bright.

5. Solid objects are also important feng shui basics. Things like a large rock in the garden can protect your home from the harmful or “killing energy.” A headboard is a heavy object that you can have in your room. It means protection and shelter from harmful energy.

6. Water means life. It represents a free flow of energy. A water fountain in the right place can help you attract the energy of wealth. The best place to put your fountain is near your front door. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside. To maximize the use of the water fountain, make sure that it flows towards your home.

7. Colorful flags and windsocks bring movement to your space. They redirect the inauspicious lines of good energy. It completes the shape of your home’s Bagua map if it’s missing one sector. You should put it in a strategic location.

8. Plants and flowers, as well as pets, brings the living chi into your place. Make sure that plants and flowers are well taken care of. Pets should be healthy and happy. Dead plants and neglected pets bring bad energy. If you don’t have the time to take care of them, you can use pictures of animals or plastic flowers and plants.

9. Colors lift the quality of chi in your home. Different colors have a different effect on you. It relaxes you. It also lifts your spirit.

10. An artwork is a very important feng shui basic. Make sure that what you have makes you feel good every time you see it. Things that make you down or has no positive effect on you can bring bad chi.

5 Feng Shui Keys To Attract That Special Relationship

The feng shui basics that was stated above are simple yet powerful tools that can make a difference in your health, wealth, work and relationship.

To know more about feng shui and how it can help you in your life or you desire to place some hanging crystals in your windows, visit my website at

The Light Room – Feng Shui

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The importance of what surrounds you is much greater than ever before.  Look at how Delhi in India almost had to close down because of the pollution in the environment.  Last time I was in New Delhi my nose started bleeding a condition that I have never suffered from before.

So when I was at a hospital outside Manchester, Whittington Hospital recently, I was amazed as I drove up to the institution the amazing settings it was based.  It is smack in the middle of amazing countryside and it wasn’t until I sat down to have some tea that I discovered the exhibition above.

It was honouring the importance of LIGHT and how doses of light can affect not only our mental health but on a cellular level canchange the activity of cells so that they feel fed and operate more efficiently.

Also, the supply of nature when trying to heal is of paramount importance and probably why the hospital was located in that area.  Find out more for yourself on how you can change your own health, especially sleep when millions of people across the globe are suffering from insomnia.

Click Here for Your FREE Health Feng Shui Ebook

Ask YourSelf What Do You Do To Ensure Your Own Mental & Physical Wellbeing?

Take Responsibility for Your Own Wellbeing by:

    1. Take out t.v.s of the bedroom, don’t face a mirror, remove all electromagnetic gadgets including phones, computers.
    2. Change the colour of your bedroom to a relaxing colour, ensure there is no clutter underneath the bed or hanging over you.
    3. Having light that is of a certain frequency affects how you heal.  Whilst out of the Room or Home put up a crystal hanging by a window to stop the energy stagnating and create rainbows around your rooms-this in turn affects the light in your own home.
    4. What is on the Walls is speaking to you – bowls of fruit, pictures of Nature, Pictures that speak about your dreams.
    5. What you eat, what movement you do, what sounds you listen to, what patterns are being created around you – change them all so that you are starting to feel more in control of your own life.  

Indoor Plants For Good Feng Shui

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Bring Good Energy And Life Into Your Home With Indoor Plants

Do you know that using indoor plants can bring good feng shui into your life and your home?

One of the best tips that you can have when it comes to bringing good feng shui into your home is to use plants. Indoor plants can easily make your house look alive. They bring life to any dull looking house. They come in different sizes and are easy to maintain.

7 Steps To Healthier Living

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor environment is more polluted than our outdoor environment. Molds, tobacco smoke, smoke from cooking and heating and other chemicals that we use such as from air fresheners are the contributor to pollution in our own space. These things not only affects our physical health but also our entire well-being.

Below are the benefits of using indoor plants in your home.

1. Indoor plants help you improve concentration. It also increases your productivity.

2. It decreases the incidence of having colds, dry coughs, sore throat and dry skin. According to a study by Jeffrey Shaman, the added humidity that indoor plants give to our space decreases the survival and transmission of the flu virus.

Inside Out Feng Shui

3. Flowers make people smile. They have an impact on happiness. A bunch of flowers on the table can easily brighten your day.

4. A person that loves taking care of nature and loves to spend time with nature have a better relationship with others.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

5. It reduces stress. According to Dr. Leonard Perry from the University of Vermont, the visual exposure to plants lessens stress within five minutes.

6. They are healing booster. They reduce the healing time of a patient most especially after surgery. It’s inexpensive, noninvasive and an effective complementary medicine for surgical

Using indoor plants to bring good feng shui in your home is better than the frog or the lucky cat that you can buy online and in the department stores. After all, plants are living things. They give more live energy than non-living things.

If you want to learn more about feng shui and how it can help you change your life, visit my website at

Feng Shui Fish And Wealth

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Attract Wealth By Using Fish In Feng Shui

Fish has always been used in feng shui to attract wealth. It’s the symbol of abundance. It is one of the most popular symbols used in feng shui.

In Asian countries, having fish in the home is very popular. The Chinese pronunciation of fish (yu) is almost the same as abundance. Not only does it symbolize abundance but also long life, if it is well taken care of and it grows old. It also represents fidelity and unity as it swims in pairs.

5 Steps To Creating Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui

Here are the most popular kinds of fish that are being used in feng shui to attract wealth and abundance.

1. The Gold Fish in Asian mythology is said to be related to dragons. Dragons represent power and luck. This, in turn, makes the goldfish conducive to one’s success.

Opportunities Knock On Doors With Good Vibes

2. The Arowana Fish is considered as the most famous and powerful feng shui fish when it comes to attracting wealth. It is one of the most expensive feng shui fish. They grow fast They are used to attract wealth and they are also being used to symbolize power and authority.

3. The Koi Fish is a common symbol in the Chinese culture. It can often be seen in artworks, tattoos, clothing and even in landscape design. The color of the koi fish also symbolizes the yin and yang. Apart from being believed to attract wealth, it is also synonymous with harmony and happiness.

Inside Out Feng Shui

4. Flower Horns are believed to be able to attract good energy from the environment. Its black spots are said to attract wealth. It’s supposed to bring money luck and loads of business opportunities.

To know more about feng shui fish and how to maximize its use to attract wealth, visit my website at

Good Feng Shui House

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Create Your Own Good Feng Shui Home

Turning your house into a good feng shui home is the best way of bringing in happiness and abundance into your life. A good feng shui home simply means letting the good energy flow freely into your space.

Here are some tips on how to turn your house into a good feng shui home.

1. Make your own little garden. Plants are live energy and they can easily bring life to any dull space.

2. Take care of your front door. It should have a smooth and strong energy flow. Make sure that it is free from dirt, clutter or any obstructions.

3. Apply the same care to your entryway. It should also be free from obstructions so as to let the good energy flow freely.

4. Spend time on the holy trinity of your home. The energy centers of your house which are the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom should be well taken care of. Make sure that these places are organized and uncluttered.

5. Creating a good feng shui home is not a one time job. It is an everyday thing. Make it a habit to bring in fresh and clean energy into your home by making your space well lighted and well ventilated.

The simple steps mentioned above are easy to do but can be overwhelming. Make sure to do it gradually. Little by little, one step at a time until you have finally succeeded in making your own good feng shui house.

Feng shui is not effective if you’re half committed to change. Make it a habit to practice it every day to experience life balance in your life.

If you wish to know more about feng shui and how it can help you bring the energy of wealth, good relationship, and good health into your life, visit my website at or email me at

Lighten Your Space With Feng Shui

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Clearing Your Clutter To Brighten Your Space

Clearing your clutter in Feng Shui is a modern practice. During the ancient times, people only have the basic things that they need. Houses were not crowded because they don’t have the things that we enjoy today.

Feng Shui teaches us about bringing in good energy into our space. A good flow of energy will help you in attract good health, good relationship and abundance.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

Clutter in our space comes in different shapes and sizes. Big or small, if you don’t feel like using it or if it’s broken and beyond repair then it’s considered clutter.

Clearing your house can be an emotional thing. But the benefits of doing it is beyond what you can imagine.

De-clutter in 7 Easy Steps

To make you feel motivated, here are the benefits of clutter clearing.

1. When your space is free from clutter, you get to finish your tasks or chores immediately.

2. Clutter and being overweight is related to each other. When our mind and our space is cluttered, we don’t get to think things clearly. We tend to overeat to feel better.

3. Getting rid of things that are connected with your past means freeing your self from emotional stagnation. By moving them out your space, you will be able to live with the present.

4. Stuff clearing is good for your health. Allergies came from dusts that were collected over time.

5. An organized space will help you focus on things that are important to you.

Inside Out Feng Shui

6. Opportunities knock on doors that are open and ready. A clear space will help you make wise decisions that will impact your life.

7. An overcrowded space will make you restless while an organized place will make you feel more relaxed and calm.

8. Happiness is the by-product of a de-cluttered home. When you live in an organized home, you feel more energized and happy.

When you lighten and brighten your space, you attract energies that will make your life better.

To learn more about feng shui and how it can help you change your life, visit my website at

Living In The Present Through Feng Shui

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Feng shui is about living with a balanced life by making us live in the present. It help us get in touch with the present moment by teaching us how to accept and let go of the things that are beyond our control.

One of the principles of feng shui is to arrange your things and environment to let good energy flow into your home. This in turn helps you achieve clarity of the mind. When your mind is clear, you can focus on the things that you want to achieve.

7 Steps To Space Cleansing

If you have dreams in life or you wish a brand new start, apply this feng shui tips that will help you live in the present, let you experience happiness and have life balance.

1. Find time to go on meditation. It is an important step when it comes to finding inner peace. Find a quiet place in your home, play some music like the sound of nature or any instrumental music and light a scented candle.

Inside Out Feng Shui

2. Let go of the things that’s been stopping you from growing. Bad experiences and grudges holds you back from living a good life.

3. Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing is good for your health. It relaxes your muscles, decreases your blood pressure and quells anxiety. Do it at least twice a day.

Feng Shui And The Power Of Sound Vibrations

4. Feel your surroundings. Appreciate the things that surrounds you. Touch the flowers, trees and even feel the wind against your skin. If you don’t have garden or there are no trees wound you, put some indoor plants to purify the air that you breathe. You can also use different scents.

5. Don’t do the same things over and over again. Try other shops when you go shopping, a different route in going to work and discover different activities for you and the whole family.

Life is short. We encounter stress every day but that does not mean that we have to take it and live with it. By accepting the things that happened in the past, we are able to move on and have a better life.

If you have questions about feng shui or you need help with what’s happening in your life, you can contact me by visiting my website at

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