Nine Home Decoration Mistakes In Feng Shui

A living room with a brick wall, big glass windows and full of home decoration.
Home Decoration Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Your home decoration plays an important part in bringing in good energy in your space. It can bring in good or bad vibrations in your place.


Most of the time, people tend to unconsciously decorate their space in excess. They have the impression that having more and everything Asian symbolizes abundance.

Below are home decoration mistakes in Feng Shui that you should be aware of:

1. Using the bagua mirror as a home decoration is a big mistake. It is meant to be used outside the house.

2. Mirrors bring clarity, light, and freshness to your space. However, using too many mirrors in your home can make your space weak, chaotic and unstable.

3. Using photos of family members in the bedroom is a bad Feng Shui decoration. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It’s a place for intimate moments. It’s a place to develop and strengthen your relationship.

4. Placing the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen. An aquarium is a water Feng Shui element and using this home decoration in the kitchen or bedroom is a mistake. It is best to place this in your money area to bring good Feng Shui.

5. Making your place look monochromatic. Your home should have balance. It should have a natural flow of energy. It’s the reason why a Feng Shui home decoration expert always uses the bagua. Your place should have soft and fiery colors.

6. Creating a theme in your home that you don’t really like is bad Feng Shui. Just because  of Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy doesn’t mean your house should look Asian. A good Feng Shui home is a house that has a good flow of energy whatever theme it may have.

7. Putting your mirror opposite of your front door is not good. It pushes away the energy that enters the house. Try placing your mirror in your living room or dining room. It represents abundance.

8. Using too many fountains is not advised in Feng Shui. A fountain is a good home decoration because it bring prosperity and peace. The sound of the water brings calm to your space. However using too much of one element creates imbalance most especially if it’s just a small space.

9. Too much home decoration results to clutter. Do not over decorate your home and let go of the things that you don’t really need.

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