Good Feng Shui And Your Garden

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Create A Nice Garden With Feng Shui

A garden with good feng shui can make a difference in our home. It’s not only cozy, but it will also give us an environment where we can release all unwanted energies within us.

These days, gardens are made for the sake of adding decorations in our home. It is made more as a fashion statement. However, a feng shui garden can do more than that. It can bring you not only the energies of good health but also wealth.

Below are the tips on how to make a good feng shui garden.

1. The plant is a very important element in the garden. It brings in a lot of benefits, but it can also stop the flow of good energy. Consider the location and size of your garden as well as the kind of plants that you want to use.

2. Make nature as your example. Triangles, straight lines, and other pointed shapes are a no-no in feng shui. Shape your garden space with curves and create pathways for a free flow of good energy in your space.

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3. A good feng shui garden should have water because it symbolizes wealth. It generates prosperity. The best place to put your garden is near a lake or river. If not, then try to put a fountain or little pond. Make sure that it is not too deep as it can be hard to clean when it accumulates dirt. Add small fishes to maintain the cleanliness of your pond.

Ask a feng shui expert to identify the best place for your garden.

4. Don’t forget to add a walkway or pathway in your garden. They represent fake water which means that they have the same function as water. Design your pathway with soft curves.

5. Maximize the energy in your garden by adding wind chimes. Their gentle sound creates healing vibration in the air. Choose wind chimes according to the sound of it. If it makes you feel good, then that should be it.

6. A fence can protect you from the evil spirit, However, be mindful of the height. Make sure that it’s not too high. A high fence can cause stagnation and it can affect the ventilation of the place.

Always remember that a good feng shui garden has balance. Bring in the colors of the five elements.
A dull looking garden is bad feng shui while a colorful garden means live energy which brings happiness and healing to your life.

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