Feng Shui Basics For Your Home

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Feng shui basics are the most important things when it comes to good energy flow in your home. These things will not only put energy balance in your space but also anchor your intentions in every situation you are in.

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Below are ten feng shui basic guide that you can do in your home.

1. The sound of wind chimes and bells are so powerful that they get the energy move in your place. They can easily bring life into your lifeless space by getting rid of unwanted energy.

2. A feng shui crystal brings more life than any other object you have. They attract the sparkle of the sun and bring it into your space. This is the best feng shui basics that you can easily do. Just hang the crystal in your window and they easily bring good vibrations in your space.

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3. The aspirin of feng shui which is called a mirror can easily bring light into your home. It can expand or reduce the negative energy in your space. It can also bring calm in any space by putting it in the right places.

4. The most common feng shui basics that you have in your home is the lighting. Good quality lighting can redirect the chi energy in your space. Lighting in our space should also have balance. It should be not too dim and not too bright.

5. Solid objects are also important feng shui basics. Things like a large rock in the garden can protect your home from the harmful or “killing energy.” A headboard is a heavy object that you can have in your room. It means protection and shelter from harmful energy.

6. Water means life. It represents a free flow of energy. A water fountain in the right place can help you attract the energy of wealth. The best place to put your fountain is near your front door. It doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside. To maximize the use of the water fountain, make sure that it flows towards your home.

7. Colorful flags and windsocks bring movement to your space. They redirect the inauspicious lines of good energy. It completes the shape of your home’s Bagua map if it’s missing one sector. You should put it in a strategic location.

8. Plants and flowers, as well as pets, brings the living chi into your place. Make sure that plants and flowers are well taken care of. Pets should be healthy and happy. Dead plants and neglected pets bring bad energy. If you don’t have the time to take care of them, you can use pictures of animals or plastic flowers and plants.

9. Colors lift the quality of chi in your home. Different colors have a different effect on you. It relaxes you. It also lifts your spirit.

10. An artwork is a very important feng shui basic. Make sure that what you have makes you feel good every time you see it. Things that make you down or has no positive effect on you can bring bad chi.

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The feng shui basics that was stated above are simple yet powerful tools that can make a difference in your health, wealth, work and relationship.

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