6 Reasons Why You Should Do Space Clearing

Space Clearing Your Home In Very Easy Steps

Space clearing is a great way to bring in good energies that will help you create a calm and peaceful environment. When you have that kind of environment, life becomes more bearable. You have peace of mind.

A hand holding things needed for space clearing

It is always best to perform space clearing at least once a year. There are other  ways to purify your space. In some culture, space clearing can be done by smudging, fire, salt, asperging, sweeping and house blessing. It all depends on the culture or religious belief of a certain individual.

If you are not tied to any religious organization, you can do space cleansing by yourself. All you need to do is to have the materials needed and arrange your schedule so that you can perform the ritual properly.

The advantages of space clearing:

1. It frees you from any stuck energy. Most of us don’t know about the energies in our home. People have a hard time moving on and starting a new life because bad energies exists in their space. They get stuck with these energies.

Doing space cleansing most especially after separation or death of a loved one should be done in order to have a clear space.

2. It helps us to be more focused on our tasks. When our house is organized and the space is clear, we get to decide quickly and tasks can be done immediately.

3. You can sleep soundly. Good health and sleep are connected to each other. It’s the only time that our bodies get to recover.

4. It can help you achieve your goals. When you get to do things right away, you can reach your goals faster.

5. You have more time for other things. Most of us complain of our time. Space clearing and organization helps us save time by clearing our minds, making us capable of working faster which in turn helps us save time. When we have extra time on our hands, we can do sports or pursue other passion.

6. You can spend more time with the people you love. Most relationships suffer because we are stuck on unnecessary things. Extra time on our hands means we have more time to nurture our relationships. It means that you’ll have a healthier and happier relationship with everybody around you.

The advantages enumerated above are just a few of the many benefits of space clearing and it’s the start to a better and brighter life.

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Easy Feng Shui Tips For Single Men And Women


Powerful Feng Shui For Single Men And Women

Being single is not a bad thing but being in love is a better option for most people. No matter what a person’s status in life is, being single is not what most people desired to become.

A single woman sitting on a rock.

We always long for someone that we can talk to, share our problems with and have a partner to celebrate every inch of our success.

Whether you’re a single woman looking for someone you can lean on or a single man searching for a woman that you can go home to, Feng Shui can help you attract love.

Below are the 6 easy Feng Shui steps that you can use to attract love:

1. Wear your colors. Catch the attention of others by wearing the right colors. The pink color looks charming for girls and boys catches the attention of girls when they use lighter clothes.

White shoes makes a man look attractive while red shoes looks good for a woman. Of course your shoes should be perfectly clean.

2. Be in shape. A healthy body does not mean thin. Prefer to have a plump body.

3. Scents make you feel good. Rose oil is known to bring good luck with the opposite sex. Use it in your personal space.

4. The red color is the color of love and romance. It has a festive meaning. Single or not, it is best to use it in your bedroom. You can use it as a color motif on your private place.

5. Use the power of direction. The west is the direction of love. The next time you go out, use this direction to attract love. Choose the west part when you go to a nice restaurant.

6. The items in your space should be in pairs. A pair of candles, vase or heart crystals will bring you love.

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Feng Shui,Your Love And Relationship


Feng Shui Tips To Attract Real Love And Relationship

Attracting love and relationship is a popular Feng Shui application.

A couple happily in a love and relationship.

In Feng Shui, a relationship involves energy. The energy of two people and their surroundings. Real love happens when the people involved are surrounded by good energies.

When you want to attract a good relationship or a lasting love, you have to first pay attention to yourself. Address your emotional needs or love yourself first.

If there’s no self-love, then a good and lasting relationship will never happen. No matter what Feng Shui cure you use, love and relationship will always be temporary.

4 Top Feng Shui Love And Relationship Tips:

1. Create a sanctuary that emphasizes in vibrancy, healing and sensuality. Make your bedroom a place that can accommodate the energies of two people. It should have a balanced energy for the two of you.

2. Make sure that you love the look of your bedroom. A cozy and warm looking bedroom will take your worries away. It calms your mind and body and would invite you and your partner to stay often. It is an important tool for the love and relationship to grow.

3. Bring in fresh energy into your bathroom. Bathrooms are often taken for granted in most homes. This creates bad energies.

It is a place for purification and cleansing. Create a spa experience.  Make sure that it is clean and organized.

4. Use the power of decorations. Modern Feng Shui cures for relationships are effective. A nice looking art piece such as a painting that shows love or lovers is perfect in your love or marriage area.

Ask the help of a Feng Shui expert to learn more about the Bagua areas in your own home.

If used properly, Feng Shui can give you the change that you need. An intelligent approach will not only bring you love, but also health and wealth.

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Space Cleansing Your Place With Five Easy Steps

Bring Good Energy In Your Space With Space Cleansing

Space cleansing should be made in our homes, office and business establishment every year. Its purpose is to get rid of all bad energies that will eventually affect our lives.

Smudging For Space Cleansing

There are a lot of ways to cleanse our space. You can modify some or try to exclude other things. Do whatever makes you comfortable. The most important thing is that you are doing it.

Below are the space cleansing steps that you should do in your space:

1. Plan your space cleansing carefully. You should have sufficient time, have the energy to do it and not rush the activity. The best time to do space cleansing is from 11 am to 1 pm. Make sure also that you are in the mood to do it. When you have the right energy then everything will go smoothly.

2. Prepare the things that you need like several candles, incense, sage or smudge stick, essential oils, crystals for live energy, fresh flowers, good music, bell and a sturdy table.

3. Play a good music to make the place more relax. Open the windows to allow the bad energies to live and the fresh ones to enter.

4. If it’s possible, light a candle in each room and walk around the house with a burned incense stick. This will bring fresh smell into each room.

5. There are a number of  ways to do space cleansing in your home. The popular ones are using essential oils, ringing of bells and smudging. You can use essential oils that you can spray around the house.

The best scents are cedar, sandalwood and  lemongrass. You can also use sage for smudging. You just have to be careful during the activity so as to avoid staining your furniture’s.

Always remember that space cleansing is a way to get rid of bad energies. Do not overdo the activity, but bear in mind that you can always do it more than once in a year.

I hope that you will enjoy your space cleansing activity. Start as soon as possible and bring in the energy of good health, wealth and good relationships into your house.

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Get To Know The Year Of The Dog – Your 2018 Guide

Learn About This Year’s Zodiac – The Year Of The Dog

2018 is the Year of the Dog. In the Chinese calendar, it will officially start on Friday, February 16.

A red colored symbol of the year of the dog.

The dog is the eleventh of all the zodiac animals. They are associated with the earth element in its yang form. Dogs also carry in them the fire and metal elements also in its yang form.

This animal which is considered to be man’s best friend are known for their loyalty. The word abandon is not in their vocabulary.

Despite the way they look and act, they have this caring trait inside. However, they have this strong willingness to do what they want. They are very focused in what they want and they will not let anything or anybody stop them.

Men who were born in the year of the dog are energetic, genuine and straightforward.

They care for their family and their stubbornness gets away when they’re in front of their family.

Women who were born in the year of the dog are cautious. They stay away from people that they don’t like. They don’t trust easily. They are also protective of their family and friends.

They are independent and nature lover. They are also hard workers  and are driven to succeed. They want stability.

People who were born on the year of the dog are compatible with people who were born on the year of the rabbit, tiger and horse. The rabbits are kind, tigers are reassuring and horses are understanding.

The zodiacs that are least compatible with the dogs are the dragon, ox and goat. They clash with the dragons, they’re cold with the oxen and they are uncomfortable with the goat people.

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Create A Healthy Money Flow With Feng Shui


Money Flow And Feng Shui

Money flow is connected with energy. It can either energize us or it can drain us. The word currency, just like water, is something that we want to flow in our lives.

Stack of gold coins on the right side of a clock that symbolizes good money flow.

In feng shui, our money flow is heavily affected by the things around us. The vibrations around us is affecting our very own vibrations.
Money flows easily when the energy around us is also flowing freely. This also goes the same with our health and relationships.

Below are the following feng shui tips that will let you have a healthy money flow:

1. Take care of the mouth of chi in your home. The entrance of your house plays an important role in feng shui. Opportunities equals to money. Make sure that your door is free from any clutter, the house number can be read and the doorbell is working.

2. Beware of any leak in your home. Water symbolizes money and leaking water means money going out of your pocket. It will really affect your money flow. Fix it immediately before it gets big.

3. Get rid of broken things in your space. If it doesn’t have any value and it is beyond repair and flawed, then it’s time to let it go. Cracked plates and cups should be out of your home.

4. Always close the bathroom door and the toilet lid. They flush your money down the drain.

5. Your cooking station symbolizes abundance. Make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

6. Use feng shui symbols to boost the money flow in your family. Images such as running horses, flowing water or nature are good representations of money flowing freely. It is also better to hang a crystal in your window to keep the energy alive in your home.

7. Spend time to examine yourself. What are your personal beliefs when you’re dealing with your finances? Associating wealth, money and finances with fear and anxiety will never help you. Keep the energy high by relating money with wealth, good health, happiness and abundance.

Always remember that a healthy money flow is only possible when the energy within and around us is moving freely.

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Increase Your Retail Sales With Feng Shui


Feng Shui Tips For Your Retail Sales

The mannequin in a retail store and a discount of seventy percent that will help in the increase of retail sales.

Your retail sales are affected by the kind of feng shui your business have. It brings in the much needed money. Indeed, the best part about having a business is to see an increase in its sales.

But the reality right now is that the lifespan of businesses is getting shorter. Businesses are closing down because of poor sales. Money became scarce.

It’s one of the main reasons why applying good feng shui in your business is important. Feng shui should be applied to your business if you wish to see an increase in your sales. Good feng shui in your business is a good tool that will help you in the growth of your business.

The following tips below will help you increase your retail sales:

1. Control, control, control. Don’t overstock your store. Sometimes, we feel too overwhelmed with our business and we try to display everything that we have. A crowded store will only stress customers. Try to put just a little of each item and spread the most beautiful items all over your place.

2. Feed your customer’s curiosity. Keep your inventory always updated. Shoppers will always spend time on new and interesting things. Update not only your physical store, but also your online shop  as well.

3. Train your workers to be nice and friendly. When your employees willingly attends to the needs of the customers, it creates a good relationship which results in loyalty.

4. Make them feel special. Show your customers that you’re thankful. Give them a small thank you cards after every purchase. You can also do the extra mile by sending them a text message on their special day.

5. The secret to an increase in sales is good retailing. Get the attention of your customers. Put unique products and special offerings  in the lucky corners of your store. The lucky corners are located opposite and diagonal to the door.

How your store appears in the eyes of your customer is important if you wish your business to earn more money. Be mindful of how it looks like.

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Feng Shui And The Yellow Color In Your Home


Bring Good Energy In Your Home With Yellow

Yellow belongs to the earth element. It is the color that represents nourishment. Just like the sun, it brings warmth and good energy to your space.

An indoor plant near the yellow colored wall.

The yellow color has always been used by the ancient Chinese. It was a popular color for their clothes because of the kind of uplifting energy it brings.

If you wish to bring life to your home, you can use this color in a lot of different ways. It will easily turn your place into a cheerful and welcoming space.

Below are the different ideas on how to use the yellow color in your home:

1. The living room is where you talk to your guests. Adding a yellow couch will make you and your guests feel comfortable, a yellow wall will make your place look bigger and a bunch of fresh yellow flowers is a good conversation piece.

2. To attract the energy of abundance, use the color in your dining room. You can use yellow colored table mats and yellow colored fruits such as banana, mango and pineapple. Yellow colored food also looks appetizing.

3. It promotes nourishment and it balances the fire element in your kitchen. A yellow colored coffee, toaster, pots, pan or even walls can bring life and balance to your cooking space.

Always remember that this color brings life and energy to your space so it is best to use it minimally in the bedroom. If it is overly used in your sleeping space, you may find it difficult to rest.

Decorating your space the feng shui way doesn’t need to be expensive. Bringing the energy to your space without spending a lot of money is possible with a little bit of creativity.

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Feng Shui Your Way To A Successful Career


Feng Shui Tips For A Successful Career 

Do you wonder why some people have successful careers and some people just stay in lower positions all their life? Do you feel stuck in your own work and you wish to get out and move higher in your workplace?

A young man putting pictures that will remind him of his dreams of having a successful career.

Feng Shui offers a number of career tips that can help you succeed in your chosen field. Some are simple ones and some are quite advanced. Everything depends on the different Feng Shui calculations.

However, if the situation is not that bad, a basic Feng Shui adjustment can be made.

Here are the simple Feng Shui tips that you can follow for you to have that successful career:

1. Practice the law of attraction. We are living in abundance and we can attract the things that we want to have. It’s just a matter of focus and being surrounded by the right quality of energy.

If you want to have a successful career in business, then surround yourself with pictures of people that you look up to in the field of business. If your dream is to become a pilot, then display airplane toys in your place.

2. Good energy always bring luck. One way of having good energy is keeping live plants in your office. Plants bring vibrancy to your space. It also cleans the air and lowers the amount of pollutants.

A place with live energy will also keep your energy high. This in turn will help you come up with the right decisions or career moves.

3. Consider putting Feng Shui cures in your area such as an image of running horses or a Feng Shui dragon with a pearl or crystal in its claw.

4. The color on your wall is vital in bringing in the energy of your space. Paint it with light and vibrant colors to make your place alive. This will help you focus on your work which will eventually help you have a successful career.

Together with hard work, the Feng Shui tips mentioned above are tools that can help you reach the top.

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The Must Have Feng Shui Plants In Your Garden

A white lotus flower that is one of the most popular among all feng shui plants.

Enhance Good Energy In Your Space By Using Feng Shui Plants

Creating a beautiful graden in your home using Feng Shui plants can bring you more health benefits more than you can imagine. From relieving the stress in your body to purifying the air that you breathe.

Choosing what plants to put in your garden is a little bit challenging and fun. It unleashes the artist in you. It is also mentally stimulating and keeps your mind sharp.

Listed below are the 10 must have Feng Shui plants in your garden:

1. The lotus flower is the top Feng Shui plant on our list. For the Chinese people, this flower is a symbol of protection. It is being used in Chinese medicine, from the petals down to the roots.

2. The peony is known as the national flower of China. It represents aristocracy, power, wealth, honor and luck making it an important Feng Shui plant in your garden. It is commonly used in Chinese art and it is called the flower of riches and honor.

3.  The daylily is the symbol of maternal love and fertility, making it the flower for the mothers. it is also a symbol of filial love. It is commonly used as food and herb by the Chinese people.

4. When it comes to plants, the bamboo is easily identified with the Chinese culture. It is a common thing in parks and forests in China. It symbolizes virtue. It is believed to reflect people’s soul and emotion most especially their positive spirits.

5. The orchid is known to represent the qualities of a gentleman like graciousness, culture and nobility. It also represent the energy, purity and graceful beauty.

6. The pomegranate represents fertility in Feng Shui. Couples who want to have kids are advised to plant the tree in their garden. It is believed that the seeds in the fruit means the number of offspring a couple can have.

7. Apple trees are known to bring luck. It also symbolize good relationships in the home.

8. An orange tree is known to bring luck. It is connected with wealth, good luck and abundance.

9. Plum trees means the signal of darkness and the start of a new beginning. It represent charm, friendship and brotherliness.

10. The pine tree is also a must have in your garden. It belongs to the wood energy and it never wane. It represent dignity, longevity, resilience and integrity. It is believed that the roots represent our ancestors and the branches are our offspring and our future.

These feng shui plants bring good energy to your space. Take good care of them. Lush and healthy plants give good energy while wilted and dying plants bring bad energy to your space.

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